Love and light project.. Getting Free healing to those in need

My mission is to get reach as many people as possible with the Love and light healing. But there are many people in need out there who cannot have access to healing or the money to look after themselves. So I set up this project.

Myself and My trained Energy healers reach out to those in need and offer Free Energy healing. So how do we do this? With every Energy healing event we do, treatment, workshop, reading or Course the Profits go into the Love and light project. This then pays for Therapists to go out into the community or offer online free energy healings. We are hoping to reach out to local community centres who have access to people on the bread line, people who are being faced with enormous struggles, We hope to go into schools and offer free wellbeing groups, we reach out to those caring for loved ones and do not have access to come out and have time to themselves.

We are currently based in the UK. however with more and more therapists training through our academy we are hoping to be able to offer these services on a much wider scale. We also offer free distance healing and have a certain amount of slots available a week.

If you know of someone in need please to get in contact and email me on

Stats for the Love and light academy.. Established 1st April 2019. This is updated weekly.

Number of free healings… 3

We don’t ask for donations however if you would like to support us and treat yourself at the same time by receiving healing please visit the link below..

Love, Light and Peace Sam x


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