Angel message… carry the light of the angels

The angels remind us that we all carry the love of the angels. We have chosen to be the messengers of love.

Angels do not have the luxury of being in a physical body so its up to us to shine their light.

We often struggle with where our souls path is leading. We often have questions like.. am i spiritual enough? Where is my journey headed etc,

The angels remind us that every single day we are being guided to wherever we need to be. The people who need us are being guided to us.

As long as we shine from within with love and kindness then we are infact channeling the angels.

Our journey is already mapped out. Let go of ego, enjoy the journey and spread the angels love by being yourself.

Love and light xxxxxxxxxxx


Angel message….. You are worth it.

As lightworkers, or givers if love and light you often find it extremely easy to give everything you have to others. This can be monetary, time, energy etc. You simply love to give! But give to yourself? No way! You say things to yourself like… “I don’t deserve that” or “I don’t need that”. The angels need you to know that you are worth it.

To give to others you must look after yourself. You often feel upset at spending time and money on yourself. The angels need you to know it’s ok to do this. Do what makes you feel good about yourself. You cannot help others if you cannot help yourself.

It’s ok to love your self as well as others. Of course be humble but be kind to yourself. You are worth it.

Remember you are a light worker here to blaze a trail of light and love to lift those around you. But when your light begins to dim then you are not being true to yourself.

You are a giver but remember it’s ok to be yourself, it’s ok to be kind to yourself, love yourself from your soul and you will be the best you can ever Be.

Love and light xxxxxx
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What is a lightworker?

We often think of a lightworker as being ‘special’ having the ‘gift’ etc etc. But really a lightworker is someone who cares for other people. Loves the planet and those around them. A person who will do good for others no matter what. A lightworker is someone with love in their heart and are on this planet to bring ‘love and light’ to those around them. 99.9% of people we meet are lightworkers. Ok perhaps only 98% Lol! But we are each here to bring our light for others. We each have our own individual gifts that we can share with people around us. The tricky bit is finding out who we truly are, accepting that we are just how we should be, flaws and all.

Being kind and generous to the world and the people in it is the strongest gift we each have. You hear people say… “i’m on my journey to enlightenment” but remember that every day is a journey. We are all part of a huge web of love and light. Find the light within you and trust that you will find yourself guided to wherever you need to go.

No matter how simple a task may seem remember that by sharing your kindness where ever you go you are leaving a little bit extra love and light for that place and the people in it.

Find the lightworker within you and make this place a little bit brighter.

Love and light Sam xxxx