Spiritual Healing, Courses and guidance

Beginners course to connecting with your angels

Take this brilliant beginners course on connecting with your angels. You will be guided one to one on how to connect with your angels, How they can help with every day life. Understanding their energy and how they can help you and those around you. This course is completely tailored to you as I work with your angels to build that connection. Includes Energy clearance. Guardian angel attunement, How to work with the light from the angels and how to communicate with them.


Angel lightworker healing course. Installment options available

Learn how to work with the angels energy to conduct an angel energy healing. This course is split up into 10 modules. * Energy Clearance * Attunement to your guardian angel * Attunement to Archangel Michael * Attunement to Archangel Raphael * Attunement to Archangel Zadkiel * Attunement to Archangel Gabriel * Attunement to Archangel Metatron * Understanding spiritual warfare and how to protect yourself. * How to conduct an energy healing * How to conduct distance energy healing


Angel lightworker Healing course installment option


Distance angel soul therapy

Reconnect with your soul. Your soul is connected to your aura, your angels are guiding your soul. When your aura (the energy field around you) is low then you can begin to feel like you have lost the connection to who your truly are... your soul. By regenerating your energy field then you can begin to feel your connection to your soul again. With the angels help yoi can quickly get back on track. This is a session of 2 distance energy treatments which can be fitted around your own time.


One to one Angel Healing


Guardian Angel guidance reading. Distance