Courses, workshops, Attunements and readings

Angel lightworker practitioner course

Indepth online course that guides you through how to work with the angels energy and become an angel lightworker. Learn how to conduct an angel energy treatment and become a fully qualified angel lightworker. The course includes constant one on one guidance, 4 attunements to the angelic realms. 6 case studies must be undertaken but ongoing help is always at hand even after you have qualified. Installment payments can be optional. Just email me to ask


Lightworker ascension course… distance learning and attunements

Start your spiritual journey here. Do you feel you are here for a greater purpose? Do you feel you need that extra connection with your higher self? This indepth course includes energy clearance channelled through your angels. They will work with your energy field on healing and rebalancing. You will then recieve 4 energy attunements whereby the angels attune your energy to your higherself and the lightworkers on spirit around you. By attuneing to these energies you will then be able to follow the next steps of your spiritual journey. Includes continuous guidance along your spiritual path as well as a free book… spiritual beginnings.


Day with crystals workshop… Long Melford

A day of workings with crystals. Learn how to work with their energy, how they can help us, how to read crystals and much more. based at bohemian dreams long melford. tickets are limited to 6 people at a time


Angel Connection and energy course

This indepth course will guide you on how to connect with your angels, how to work with them each day, and how they wish to work through you. This course includes Angel guidance reading, 4 energy attunements that will work your aura to allow your energy field to raise and become attuned to the angels and your higher self. Each course is designed on an individual basis and channelled from the angels to your exact needs.


Distance angel soul therapy

Recieve 4 sessions of angel energy clearance. You will recieve indepth detail of how the angels are working with your energy, areas that need worl. You will then have the angels working with you realigning your aura and reconnecting your soul with its purpose. A perfect way to rebalance and start your spiritual awakening


Angel guidance reading plus aura reading

Recieve an indepth guidance and aura reading. channelled directly from your angels and guides. Readings will be emailed within 24hours of payment being recieved.


Course of 4 Celestial light energy attunements

Book for this course of celestial energy attunements. These attunements are tailored to your exact needs. During each session I work with your angels and light beings on clearing your energy and attuneing you to the celestial energy around you. These attunements are completed distantly. They will also be accompanied by channelled guidance from your angels with each attunement.